Wednesday, June 22, 2011


I really did decide 3½ years ago to stop watching news and reading news online because they caused me pain, I've always been an empath so watching anyone in pain isn't what I want to do on my free time. At that time I also stopped on of my other mind numbing activity which was to care a rat's ass about celebrities, who did what, who got together, who broke up, who designed what, and so on...

Now it was truly a life changing decision - I quit my old job few months later feeling more empowered.  Got a new job. It was perhaps a year or close to two after that that I first tried to stop watching TV, except for documentaries on nature, space and religion which I found informative. It lasted about a year, and then the beginning of this year when I was feeling the spring blue for two months I started watching TV again, this time online.

I have been on that slip ever sense, but I think it's time again to wean myself off TV. I've noticed how when I come back from work my mind is still active but just 30 minutes of watching TV on my computer and I feel sluggish, drained and tired. I feel as if work has tired me so completely but perhaps it's wise to look at TV as a reason - so I will experiment!

I will spend a week wholly without TV - oh wait, this sort of can't be very accurate experiment as I stop working in two days. :) Oh well, I am still stopping TV staring again, no more Doctor Who, How I Met Your Mother, Mentalist and Movies. This should actually be fairly easy break as my week is as follows:
Wednesday = Work
Thursday = Work
Friday = Off to go camping
Saturday = Camping
Sunday = Camping
Monday = Camping
Tuesday = Finishing up camping
After tomorrow I don't even have access to a TV, as TV is not a part of Camping, so this should be fairly easy break from IT, that just need to uphold.

Now for computer TV watching, I will still watch spiritually meaningful youtube videos, I think that's produced with more consciousness and meaning well, other than TV that has quite a bit of bad rap under its carpet.

You might have also noticed I said I'm going camping for Midsummer! I am!
I do not know if me taking the change to not go camping because of thunder storms so well the thunderstorm warning been lifted off Satakunta and we decided to go camping again. Which I am so happy about!
Talk about that Change in my week's beginning Tarot. ;)

Just 2 more days of work and I get to go camping in nature and so begins my 5 Week Summer Vacation! Hooray! :)


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