Thursday, June 9, 2011


When this free audio seminar was released on the internet last spring, it struck a deep chord for many evolutionaries. In fact, within two weeks of its release, it had been downloaded by over 140,000 people.

In The Key to Evolving Beyond Ego, Craig explains why our spiritual practices rarely lead to the kind of transformation we're seeking: the simple truth is that most of us haven't yet learned how to navigate past the part of us that doesn't actually want to change.

As Craig explains in this audio, this fundamental resistance to change is not our fault. We didn't choose it. It's not even a product of our childhood traumas.

This primitive part of the self--the ego--is rooted deep in our evolutionary past and is hardwired to preserve a sense of security and continuity at all costs.

Try asking it to change and you're going to get a big "no" for an answer. So, although we may think we want to evolve, and may be putting a lot of time and effort into our spiritual path, if we don't learn how to identify--and move beyond--this fundamental resistance to change, we will find that our efforts to awaken repeatedly fall short of the transformation we all sense is possible.

In this audio, Craig illuminates the most important step you can take to begin to identify your own ego resistance, and more importantly, how to make the simple but radical shift in orientation that can enable you to move beyond it.

You can listen online or download the free audio by visiting this page:

Love, Light and Joy!


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