Thursday, June 23, 2011


On March 6th 2011 I wrote a blog entry called THE HAIR, THE HEAD AND THE BLOOD STREAM where I wrote:

On that note I am considering stopping dyeing my hair - which is a much bigger issue of vanity ( can't imagine I know a lady who would disagree that dyeing is done due to vanity ) and much harder to do. I recall I spend four months not dyeing my hair until I couldn't take it any longer and gave in.
Of course there is the organic way and brands, but how is that any different when you get down to the point of vanity and altering your looks?
Why do I need to look different, or specifically be a certain tone of brunette?
Spiritually speaking I do not see any need for that.
Vanity's point of view is different of course! Finns are known to have this interesting hair color in the shade of ash. Yep - not really pretty under the current standards, where colors are pure and dark and hair needs to be glossy. I recall a hairdresser telling me how my normal hair color was a pretty brown but just dull and not glossy. I didn't think much of it then, and agreed - but I bloody well want to like my own hair! If it happens to be the color of field mouse then be it, it doesn't change anything about me, doesn't change who I AM.
Alright I dare you, Niina, to not dye your hair for a year. To use organic shampoo & conditioner and not spray your head with chemicals.

I would like to not dumb myself down with product of vanity, not lose interest and to be lighter just by knowing I am doing the right thing by my body. I'm ready to enjoy this adventure of a life organically, just as my body was created without messing with the basics. Now a nice shirt or pair of shoes is enough of a decoration!
Now it has been few days till 4 months since I stopped dying my hair, and I feel so different, not just look but feel as well. 
I recently took up the organic herbal shampoo and conditioner as well, and that has made a huge difference, I felt it first wash on. So the picture on the right there that is my current hair color, though sun is pretty much bleaching my roots now - I love it and I feel much better.

I did though have a rough time with it the first 2 months, it was driving me mad by looking like I constantly had greasy hair due to my roots being lighter than my hair.

I recommend this to all who dye their hair, go without its great and gives you a clearer head ;)


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