Friday, June 10, 2011


Apple pie is in the oven, windchimes are singing in the kitchen, balcony is full of brightly colored flowers, I should attempt to make Greek Salad but I seem to have trouble keeping my eyes open. This ehec-virus is the solution to the swine flu pandemic bombing at the box office, hydration is the key. Is +30'C too much for Finland, we live in the North we can't handle heats like this, two years of the same first super cold heavy snowed winters followed by heatwave summers two in a row of those maybe it has something to do with the activity of then sun, global warming, highten seasons, change.
I joined Plan Finland today, became a volunteer, will be teaching english to Plan ambassadors, will be translating and interpreting, will be teaching how to act around children, it's part of my purpose, my life long purpose as a kindergarden teacher, and humanbeing to help children, to raise better children who have opportunities they didn't even knew they were entitled to as humans. Will get a t-shirt as well 'because i'm a girl' campaign.

Just needed to get some thoughts out. :)

Love, Light and Joy!


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