Friday, June 3, 2011


"Come on Bee, go, that way, not that glass you can't go through that. Silly thing, you're like most humans. I need to get the cup and paper don't I?" I return to the kitchen, get my birthday card and cup return to assist the silly Bee. I do understand it is probably afraid of me, I'm bigger and shooing him towards what he sees as wall - I am backing him against the wall. And he isn't without retaliation, I am aware, I've never been stung by a Bee, but I imagine it's not a fun thing, even though not deadly, especially when you have medication. I track the Bee down by the sound of its buzzing, he's by the window desperately trying to get out to the balcony flowers and blue sky, Freedom. He has brought himself to my home by the actions he has taken, choices he has made, and now that I try to help him, fear gets in the way. I place the cup over him and slid the birthday card underneath to temporarily trap him, he buzzes like crazy, it's fine I know the feeling, I myself haven't always been able to see what situations have actually helped through have then seemed like I was being smacked around by fate.
I release him to the balcony, for a moment he's disorientated and tries to fly into the glass that reflects the trees and flowers and the blue sky, reflects his Freedom, he bounces off the glass few times before realizing it's an illusion of Freedom. To that I can relate as well. The Bee is now Free to make yet other choices, and I... I am writing this, realizing why I have been freeing close to ten Bees in a three day period - to remember this, to look back at my own life see how it all relates. I was a Bee as well, I was assisted as well, and my choices no longer ( hopefully ) take me to situations that need rough saving. I've looked at the Illusion of Freedom and turned away from the Illusion to real Freedom.

I'm out of the House people! :)

Love, Light and Joy!


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