Sunday, March 6, 2011


There is something I've been thinking lately, which has to do with feminine vanity as well as personal hygiene and looks.
It's very normal for women to dye their hair these days, my mom does it, my sister's do it, my aunts do it, I do it, gosh everyone I know does it! Well every woman I know.
I know it cannot be very good for me, after all I imagine those chemicals activating the coloring soak through your scalp and perhaps get into your blood stream.
 "Last year on December 1st, a ban on 22 hair dye substances issued by the European Commission, a body that drafts legislation for the European Union, took effect. These substances had been linked to bladder cancer in a 2001 University of Southern California study." ~
Of course they are making hair dye as safe as possible, but let's face it they still have to sell hair dye with a good profit so the major brands aren't gonna go all organic and safe - no don't see that happening anytime soon.
I started using this shampoo & conditioner that was organic and bio degradable, very good for hair, head and nature, but not stellar on dyed hair. I got a gift to the hair salon, to get my hair dyed with few colors, it cost bloody 100€ so I thought I'd get the salon quality dyed hair shampoo & conditioner, L’Oreal’s something Professional. Now I didn't see the difference right away it took about a month, but I noticed a lack of interest. Thinking back I can point to what did it. It's interesting that after dyeing my hair ( which I admit I do every two months or so at home ) at the salon, then buying chemical shampoo after getting use to of my organic shampoo that I noticed I wasn't quite so interested in spiritual matter as I was in my first half 2010.

It happened to be a giant bottle of that shampoo, so it is still in use, and I am seriously considering of dropping them, the conditioner as well.
On that note I am considering stopping dyeing my hair - which is a much bigger issue of vanity ( can't imagine I know a lady who would disagree that dyeing is done due to vanity ) and much harder to do. I recall I spend four months not dyeing my hair until I couldn't take it any longer and gave in.

Of course there is the organic way and brands, but how is that any different when you get down to the point of vanity and altering your looks?
Why do I need to look different, or specifically be a certain tone of brunette?
Spiritually speaking I do not see any need for that.
Vanity's point of view is different of course! Finns are known to have this interesting hair color in the shade of ash. Yep - not really pretty under the current standards, where colors are pure and dark and hair needs to be glossy. I recall a hairdresser telling me how my normal hair color was a pretty brown but just dull and not glossy. I didn't think much of it then, and agreed - but I bloody well want to like my own hair! If it happens to be the color of field mouse then be it, it doesn't change anything about me, doesn't change who I AM.

I have been searching some Finnish blogs and there seems to be a trend currently of bringing back our natural hair color, Yay! I don't mind at all jumping into that bandwagon and taking a ride. One lady even went as far to say that natural Finnish hair color can seem exotic to the non-Finns. ( ) LOL! That's a very good positive attitude! 
Also I asked my husband if he would develop symptoms of panic and get urges to divorce me if I stopped coloring my hair, his answer was fairly simple although repeating it I will remove the sexual context for younger audience, 'As long as you women have long hair, were all good...'

Should be a test worth taking, huh? A little dare.
Alright I dare you, Niina, to not dye your hair for a year. To use organic shampoo & conditioner and not spray your head with chemicals.

I would like to not dumb myself down with product of vanity, not lose interest and to be lighter just by knowing I am doing the right thing by my body. I'm ready to enjoy this adventure of a life organically, just as my body was created without messing with the basics. Now a nice shirt or pair of shoes is enough of a decoration!

Love, Light and Joy!


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