Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Knowledge and Awareness ar two different things I might know when I am sad but being Aware of why I am sad and Aware of sadness realeses it's power on me and I am again Consciouss.

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Day 7 (Nov 9):  What can I do to stand in the light of my full mystical power?
From: http://www.astrodreamadvisor.com/Wave_Red_Moon.html

Blue Eagle qualities: Visionary, compassionate service, committment, global consciousness, belief in oneself, receiver, dreamer, hope, dreams and visions, planetary mind.

Blue Eagle reminds you to step powerfully into your commitment as a planetary server! Your assignment includes whatever furthers your personal evolution and the evolution of global mind. You are an awakener, a transformer, an empowered goal visionary. In your vision, you have compassion for others, and your decisions are made in the light of global consciousness. Ask yourself how you might experience compassion toward self, the Earth, and others. Be guided towards types of work, relationships, places to live, and projects that will benefit the Earth and her creatures. Allow your spirit to expand. Soar on your spreading wings and planetary perspective.

Affirm: "Through you, Gaia, I am also transformed! I am awakening as the return of divine love and light. We are all one. Gaia, as you awaken, I heal myself. As I awaken, you are healed, and together our petals open ecstatically to the new Sun of Flowers."

It is up to each one of us to hold a positive vision and affirmation, for the means by which this miracle will occur is through changes in the one affecting the greater whole.

Imagine the profound impact your loving thoughts have on planetary mind. You do make a difference! As you connect individually with the larger crystal grid network, your power is multiplied exponentially. This galactic grid is also known as the Mayan cobweb.

~ ☆ ☮ ☆ ~

Niina: I have had trouble lately in finding a quiet place for meditation - but no more I just got my Yoga Trance Dance fitness DVD that I was telling you I was going to get. I feel more connected to earth now with the Body Blessing and the Shavasana Meditation at the end. This is how I serve evolution and the planet, in this state of mind I am the awakener, transformer, empowerer and visionary!

The Dream: First dream I was suppose to live by the ocean assisting someone who I knew was a devil. I wasn't afraid of him, and he was being nice but there was a feeling he could be a bad person.
Second dream I heard Michael Tyson got shot at the bus stop, I took a bus to peninsula noticed I was almost out of money but managed to pay for the ride that had turned to a taxi. It was a camping area with lots of senior citizens exercising and few gansters I hoped would leave me be, they did.

Devil = Dreaming about devils and demons is usually very frightening and you may awake from fear. The devil does not generally represent something outside of yourself. It usually symbolizes the most negative and least developed part of you. It may be that part of you that is ignorant and destructive. You can determine the meaning and message in your dream by looking at all of the details carefully. All dreams are good dreams in that they bring unconscious materials to the conscious mind. Only then can you begin to effectively cope with the more unpleasant sides of your personality. Carl Jung called this negative side the "shadow." The devils in your dreams could be representations of your personal shadow or they could be a glance at the collective shadow. ( I have heard of shadow work a lot lately with the Beyond Awakening series. So moving to a house/emotional and psychological self with devil aka dormant shadow of mine as it did nothing in my dream but was nice to me. )
Ocean = It traditionally represents our great unconscious, memories, emotions, and individual soul and collective experiences. Look at all of the details in this dream. Is the water clear or murky? Is it calm or turbulent? Are you catching fish, or are you stranded and afraid? Look, listen, and try to comprehend the messages in this dream. ( It was calm, the house I was moving into was half under water )
(Mike Tyson) Celebrity = Higher aspirations, sometimes realistic, sometimes not. Seeing a celebrity in your dream may represent your beliefs and understanding about him or her, and may represent those qualities the celebrity possesses you wish to possess. ( To me when I think of him I think; anger )
Shooting = Shooting someone or being shot yourself is a fearful and violent dream experience. It may reflect aggression, powerlessness, release of strong and dangerous emotions, and/or symbolize a conclusive event in a particular situation or relationship. ( Mike Tyson/Anger was released - I never saw this just heard of it )
Bus = The dream has very specific meaning depending on the individual's experiences on school buses, public transportation vehicles, special family trips, etc. At times the content of the dream may be more important than the actual setting. If the setting is secondary, then examine the other details of the dream more closely. ( Bus was no importance the money was )
Money = The significance money has in your waking life is reflected in your dream state. Money is a symbol of power and wealth. We often judge ourselves based on our ability to make it, save it, and spend it. First consider your own relationship with money and your current financial situation as this dream could be simple wish-fulfillment. As always, consider all of the accompanying details in your dream because they will help you to understand where your issues lie. Traditional dream interpretations indicate that losing money in your dream is a good omen, and that probably the opposite will happen. Generally, money may represent those things that are most valuable to you and not necessarily cash. ( Well considering I have 5 euros for food for the next 3 days, it might reflect my current cituation - Hopefully the opposite will happen and I do get money as it seems it is eesential for you know food and shelter, those two are all my body and I essentially need )

Niina: All right, so this what I got out of my dream.  I am processing my my shadow, anger. It's mostly dormant, I'm thinking it doesn't exists as makes no noise of itself most of the time, only when it appears. Now my frustration with money is my anger trigger - there more I think about it the more true it sounds. When I am out of money I do get angry a lot easier. Explain that one grocerie shopping trip with hubby. All right, so I have regocnized my trigger, now I just need to recall it next time my shadow lifts it's head.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, dream consciousness!

Love, Light and Joy!


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