Thursday, November 4, 2010


Art by Jurgen Ziewe
No matter how good I am at staying in my center I wobble as well. I have had few bigger wobbles since April when final pieces locked to their place and I started to co-exist within 3rd and 5th dimension. You probably quess where these wobbles occured? Yes, in 3rd dimension.

There is a reason why everything is so heavy here - I/we cannot live fully in anyother place than the 3rd but we can go to the 5th a charge our batteries for 3D.

These wobbles I see as my stepping stones, my lessons, when I tackle these I am again one step closer to Ascension with our beautiful Earth.

Do not get me wrong I am not in a hurry - I absolutely love the Journey! But I don't plan on hanging around many life times to come, I want to tackle these last steps.

These last steps are internal - outside world I have figured out - and suprise these internal steps are all relationships. I urge you to see the video below this post for more detail and lessons on how to heal relationships.

But now to Wavespell Day 2!

~ ☆ ☮ ☆ ~

Day 2 (Nov 4): What are my relationships teaching me? What are my Obstacles?

White Dog Qualities: companions of destiny, heart, love, service, loyalty, spiritual strength, guardians and guides, breakthrough, emotional body issues, ego, recasting the past, new beginnings.

Do you feel caught up in the emotional drama of life? White Dog asks you to take an honest look at repetitive or obsessive roles. The charged emotions in these roles are often associated with anger, fear, or jealousy. White Dog offers you a different experience of yourself - that of the objective 'witness' who can choose, rather than being drawn into charged emotional reactions. You can feel the liberation of observing your life from varied positions. At the same time, befriend the emotional, reactive part of yourself by examining its underlying issues and their emotional source.

All emotions hold the positive intent of assisting you in seeing the truth, receiving the teaching, and healing the root cause. Strong 'negative' emotions often come from hidden wounds and unresolved life experiences. Deep emotions may arise from a sense of separation and a desire for unity that may be misunderstood by the emotional body. Are you easily "unhinged" by feelings of possessiveness or jealousy? If so, learn how to take the position of "the other". Step inside the other's skin and see how it looks from his or her perspective. Then feel the release that comes from stepping out of your position and understanding from another's perspective.

Remember, you are always at choice. If you hold memories or wounds relating to unfinsihed emotional issues, you are being asked to interact with individuals, situations, or memories that still hold their charge. These issues are requesting healing and release. There is no blame, and there are no victims. Now is the time to clear these issues, to make way for new and liberating perceptions.

As you express who you truly are, your companions of destiny acknowledge your true essence, building the trust and connection that reveals your destiny.

The Harmonic Wisdom of White Dog is affinity, the attraction of like vibrations or substances for one another. Such companions are drawn together by the same aligned force that draws iron filings to a magnet. Companions of destiny are drawn together to do work that is naturally harmonious.

~ ☆ ☮ ☆ ~

Niina = I have been lucky enough to learn this year to be the wittness of my emotions. An example from today. A line at the cashiers, the woman in front of me is very slow in all she does. First rises irratation - get going my mind says, be rude to her she's being rude to you. But while this goes on inside me I am suddenly aware what I am thinking and I look at my emotions, I look at the woman again, she has bad eye sight. I feeling like telling my mind that it is an idiot  - but who argues with their mind and gives ego power, not me. So I let my mind go, and it runs out of steam as I don't react to it anymore. The lady pays and starts packing her food, she drops her newspaper and doesn't seem to notice. I pay my groceries, pick her paper up and smile and say "Hey. You dropped this." and give it to her. She smiles as well and I see the divinity in her - and the last ounce of emotional upset leaves me.

The Dream = I cannot go into the explanation of my dream due to that it fall under the confidenciality agreement concerning the clients (even if they are tiny clients with families) at work. But I will say - wow - spot on!

Man (Unknown) = At times, women dream about men that are strangers to them. These men may represent the women's unconscious psychic energy. Carl Jung called the stranger in a woman's dream the "animus." He represents autonomous, unconscious energy and he plays a vital role in obtaining a deeper understanding of self.

Niina = "Learn to take the position of  'the other person'. Step inside the skin and see how it looks from his or her perspective." Well sure makes sense - all I had to do was close my eyes and change places and I got it. I got it. Who is making me uncomfortable is me - to change my attitude is to change the whole situation.

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