Thursday, November 11, 2010


Why is it important not to label yourself?

Why does it matter that today you are a Christian? Why does it matter that in a year you will be Buddhist?
If you state now that you are a Starseed and in a year regret the statement noticing you truly aren't one - can you save yourself some trouble, worry and embarrasment?

Let's say you you are shouting to high heaven that you are a Fairy - spiritually speaking, then comes a moment when you realize that you had mislead yourself and you really aren't a Fairy. Now where in your Fairy days you felt like brushing off the "Hey, Fairy!" comments, they now linger negatively when you think how people falsely view you. You have to go around saying 'no no not Fairy' and justify why you no longer are a Fairy, feeling bit ashamed and embarrased that you once identified with that.
This can be ablied to being Christian, Hindu or Wiccan.

True spirituality is labeless.

You are no one thing but organicly evolving entity and consciouness. You belive, you wonder, think and converge. You don't need to be anything.

Now this said I still identify with Lightworkers, which is funny because it seems we always do need to 'identify' to better get across who we are, even if we believe in Spirituality above religion.

Truly we still are catepillars in our cocoons.

Love, Light and Joy!


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