Wednesday, November 17, 2010


In the Now when you are unhappy with the situation you are in you can...

Remove yourself from the situation...
Change it...
Or totally accept it...

Unhappiness stems from the lack of staying in the Present. Most unhappiness is not of this moment - but past insident or emotion, or fear of  future insident or pending meeting/talk. You can easily try this, pick anything you've done wrong in the past and see if you still feel bad about it, or pick future date that is of importance and see if what comes up is the negative what ifs.

Most of the time there is nothing wrong in the Now, the present moment.

When you do become aware of something wrong in the right now, Eckhart Tolle gives good guidelines:
- Remove yourself from the situation
- Change the situation with your actions
- Accept what is, totally

Out of these three accepting what is might seem the hardest to do.
You can easily leave. You can easily do something to change it, a joke, a hug, a kind word.
But how do you accept something unhappy?
You don't.

What you do accept is that it did just happen.
You cannot make it "not happen", you acknowledge that this just happened and now you can guide your energy to change what will happen right now.
Accept that this is how life is now.
Accept that everything that happens is for a highest good and learning.
Accept your emotions, but don't let it rule over your consciouness.

Happiness is a choice you can make.

Love, Light and Joy!
Niina in the Now


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