Tuesday, November 23, 2010


The ones of you who know me well, know that I absolutely was hooked on the show Dog Whisperer. This show was hosted by Cesar Millan, and delt with puppy psychology and training the 'humans' as well. ( which is close to what I do as profession [people who work with kids will get the joke ;)] that is taking care of all the need of a growing child )

So - you can imagine my surprise to see these following three videos of  Cesar Millan and Eckhart Tolle in conversation!

"Dogs always desire balance, they stay in the present and aspire for the we, the pack."

"When your dog is upset there is no need for you to be upset. You teach it's important to be non-reactive to the dogs behavior - which ofcourse is a deep spiritual teaching as well."

"Dog energy: What can I do for you, to help others?"

Love, Light and Joy!


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