Sunday, November 7, 2010


The past four Wavespells have been amazing, the lessons have never been subtle but big wham bam - you know. If it has been an Inner Child Day I have had ticket to a satire play for weeks, or if it has been a Strenghtening Day I worked out all day. Big things not small ones!
So let's move on to Day 5, and see what happens!

~ ☆ ☮ ☆ ~

Day 5 (Nov 7):  What is my core purpose?

Red Skywalker Qualities: time/space traveller, angelic messenger, courage, new directions, mysterious journey, explorer, fluid reference points, pillars of heaven, compassion.

Red Skywalker represents balance in your life - not static balance, but a dynamic equilibrium that includes both your present expression and your starseeded self. In Red Skywalker's star-glyph you see that the pillars of heaven don't appear to touch the Earth. You are the element that appears to be missing in the star-glyph. You are the one whose expression of the light assists in drawing the pillars of heaven to Earth.

Joining these pillars in yourself can be viewed as reuniting your male and female aspects. Together, in balance, we create the pillars of the etheric temples of heaven on Earth.

Harmonic Wisdom for Red Skywalker is balance, the movements of parts in pleasing relationship or harmony with one another. Balance in Red Skywalker is experienced as a dynamic equilibrium. It is both a sense and an attitude. The natural state of every system moves toward balance that is fluid and free, as in dance. That balance is experienced differently by each person, but it often brings a sense of steadiness or centeredness even in the midst of movement and change. When you are dancing, you can use your very state of imbalance to create the fluidity of the dance. 

~ ☆ ☮ ☆ ~

Niina:  (will fill this at the end of the day)

The Dream:  I'm walking down the street with a man, and we stop to visit his family's house, there is no stair down to the house from the door, but a drop down, which I though was inconvignient. The house is full of angels and angel imagery - I feel close to tears in there - but when his family comes in it gets uncomfortable they ask alot of questions and don't like me touching things there.
In another dream I am on stage with Bette Midler who is playing the piano and we have to sing me first then her from our imaginations.

Walking = It is very important to remember where you were walking to and if the walk was difficult or not. Jung thought that if in your dream you are walking to no specific destination, it may represent a personal search and a succession of changes that one experience in life. (It was a beautiful sunny day and we were just walking, no where in particular)
House = They usually symbolize our emotional and psychological selves. All of your experiences, stages of development, and parts of your conscious and unconscious life may be represented by that house. The house may be representing issues concerning a particular dilemma in your life, or it may be more general and comprehensive. (What I remember the most of the house that was beautiful and there were angels pieces, art, statues, pictures everywhere.I remember I was so moved and loved those angels that when people emerged I got uneasy )
Angels = In the past ten years there has been a renewed appreciation and interest in angels. They represent goodness, protection, and the heavenly realm. As a dream symbol they may attempt to focus the dreamer's attention on his own divine qualities and the supportive and loving aspects of life. Some say that dreaming about angels is a symbol of good luck, while others believe that you will see an angel in your dream around the time when there is a birth or death in your family, or in your close circle of friends. Angels are mystical and spiritual symbols; traditionally they have been the messengers of God. The interpretation of your dream angel depends on your own views. Generally, the message coming up from your unconscious may be of important magnitude, so record your dream and think about all of its details and implications. ( In emotional, psychological  and conscious state I am surrounded and am goodness, I feel heavenly and protected, together with my divine qualities - BUT when humans appear they bring uneasines to my life. Heh! How true! )
Singing = Your dream is expressing your current feelings. The nature of the music and the words of the song may say something about you and your situation. ( It was improve singing, I think it was love song I sang -  who knows what Bette Midler means?! LOL! )
(Bette Midler) Celebrity = Higher aspirations, sometimes realistic, sometimes not. Seeing a celebrity in your dream may represent your beliefs and understanding about him or her, and may represent those qualities the celebrity possesses you wish to possess. ( To me when I think of her I think; escentric, goofy, funny, happy )

Love, Light and Joy!

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