Wednesday, November 10, 2010


No wonder I'm having a fever, chivers and muscle fatigue - tomorrow is 11.11 of 2010.
Makes sense, I always do react to big movement with my body first. Like last time I was sick in April before my 5D activated.
Now next post I've mentioned before at We Are Co-Creators of Our Reality.

~ ☆ ☮ ☆ ~

On November 11th 2010, a minimum of one million Awakened Souls will potentially assist through the Unity grid of Light and group collective consciousness, in envisaging a world of peace and harmony and Love.

As these thought forms are created in spiralling vortices of Light and brought into being as sub-atomic particles of Love and Unity Consciousness, all Life has the opportunity to awaken to this new reality of co-creation and harmony, letting go of fear and separation, control and power issues.

As Light workers, star seeded Ones, wayshowers, Spiritual leaders and teachers, we are asked to hold this focus of Christed consciousness for all Life on this earth plane.

To envisage the emergence of the fifth world templates by projecting this collective thought form consciousness into the future and creating the world that we know as the Golden Age of Aquarius.

We will focus our Christed Consciousness on co-creating a world unified through the heart and mind of Mother/Father God.

For optimum time begin at 11:11am or 11:11pm your local time!

The very real physics that connects human consciousness with molecular structure will be harnessed en masse during the largest scale simultaneous manifestation transmission in recorded history.

Through, all people, no matter which national origin, faith or spiritual belief, can participate together in a world wide meditation for our planet. This positive transmission of information will take place as follows:

  1. Meditation on the 11.11. 2010 at 11:00 for 11 minutes (go in the quietude, let go, connect with the primal source).
  2. After those 11 minutes: with one thought and a loving heart send light, love, qi energy and peace to Mother Earth.
  3. Close with a mantra or a short prayer for Mother Earth; sing or recite (for example, Ma Ya Hai)
Practice this meditation for 11 days in a row. 

The intent of Global Circles Meditations is to meet each other in energy as our true living light signature signals of Self, and to tune into Source together, listening for awareness and guidance in our own lives and for the human species.

We come together these 11 days, from all over the planet, and in the quietude of our own meditative states, meet and greet each other in energy and share amazingly similar experiences of awareness, feeling and vision.

We are learning to become one with a vortex of living light that showers down into the planet and through us up above the planet and all around Mother Earth. We are learning to infuse the grid of control and belief with new vibrational frequencies and bring new awareness to the human continuum.

Feel free to sign~up and join the meditation and to blog later about your experience in the forum below here... your own personal sharing within heart~synchronicity ~ Unity Cosciousness.

Thank You!

Most everyone says to themselves... "I am just one person, how can "I" make any difference?"

Here is your chance, my chance, our chance to purposely work together ~ to create a sane and meaningful and loving reality for the entire planet & every living thing on it.

We can & Will envision it into BEing.

As has been said by many others in many times, WE ARE THE ONES WE HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR!

Text by Sensipeter from

~ ☆ ☮ ☆ ~

So at 11:11 tomorrow dedicate 11 minutes to bring our World together in Light and Unconditional Love for Unity and Oneness to regocnize our brothers and sisters.

That's about the only sensiple thought left in my head. Going to go Heal now. All energy is appreciated for a speedy recovery.


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