Sunday, September 12, 2010


I am sure there are people far more qualified to produce Art than me - but that is if we look only from the point of view of judging the work.
Now where I stand, each expression of ourselves is golden to us, and even might be to others as well.
It doesn't matter if the technique is masterful, or porportions are right, what matters is that you express yourself. There is creation there that is not to be judged. After all what is humanity without creation?

Creativity is often misunderstood to be an act of the ego and intellect. In truth, the Creative Process is fundamentally a spiritual one. When the imagination is in flight, we are moved to give form to this inner life. Creating charges us with energy. We are grounded in our bodies, yet the creative act takes us beyond ourselves. We exit the world of reacting and enter the delicious world of creating, where we lose track of time. By acting, we bring spirit into matter. By acting, we love our creations into being. And Creativity is vital for well-being, not just for artists and arts professionals, but for everyone, in their own way. When we engage our Creativity, we engage our spirituality.

Well-- that said here is one of my creations. ;)

Click - for full size image.

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