Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Channelled by Michelle Coutant: Blessed Ones, your relationships offer many pearls of wisdom and many spiritual tests and lessons to both you and the ones with whom you are in relationship with. For you to have a supportive relationship with another, you must approach each relationship in this way. Every relationship is a supportive relationship. Every relationship will assist you to grow in your understanding, your wisdom and your personal power, if you will allow it.

How can you assist us to remain in love and neutrality, rather than judgment?

Dear Ones, when you are in judgment, you are not right with Self. You are projecting onto another that which you are out of balance with, within Self. Practice through deep breathing, and repeating the word, “neutrality”. This practice will assist you into peace and harmony, all being of much the same vibration. Neutrality is a great gift to assist you as you interact with another. Holding the intention to remain in neutrality will allow you to set aside your own beliefs. You are more able to remain in the love of your Sacred Heart when you are able to hold the vibration of neutrality. This, Dear Ones, is a great tool to assist you in your relationships.

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