Thursday, September 9, 2010


"Simply ask during meditation to be aligned to the source light of the Celestial White Beings and to receive a boost to your energy and spiritual development."

That was my this morning's boost. If you are familiar with meditation it only takes few minutes, and feels amazing - if you are not it is so worth it, even if it takes a while, the charge is amazing.

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"To focus upon yourself as you see and understanding yourself now is essential for your spiritual development and schooling on the Earth but it is also delusional because in many ways you are concentrating on a false aspect of yourself rather than your greater truth. This can be difficult to understand because as you exist on the Earth you must stay grounded and anchored into the physical planes and your reality to enable you to remain as a student of the Earth. To contemplate that everything around you is an illusion can bring thoughts of fear, uncertainty and mistrust but you must remember that you are always taking small steps forward, meaning that you are realising the truth about yourself and your reality with every moment of your life. Therefore you are gradually shifting from a reality that is created from a lower aspect of yourself to a reality that is born from a higher, brighter, finer, clearer aspect of yourself, truth and soul. If you are willing to accept that everything in your life is needed and holds a purpose, that you created situations both good and bad and that you have the ability to transform anything you desire, then you are taking a step forward in awakening your inner power."
Awakening the Power Within by the White Beings
Channelled through Natalie Glasson- 06/09/10

Sure the Illusion seems scary, until we realize that if it wasn't an illusion life would actually be a lot scarier. Imagine if you actually were as evil as your most wicked thoughts, as sour as most bitter hate, as scary as your strongest anger - would you be comfortable like that? Or are you Real in your strongest Happiness, your brightest Laugh, your deepest lightest Love?

It is a choice, which is more scary, which do you want to identify with?So I ask again, is your past and future with their emotional and though identified fears, angers and hates Real or Illusion?


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