Friday, September 24, 2010


Fourth enstalment of the Teleseminar series Beyond Awakening!

Well, it's time to download the free MP3 / Listen Online for the fourth podcast!
I myself am doing it as we speak and then uploading it to my cellphone so I can plug in my earphones and lay down and really have listen.

25 000 people have signed up already - if you haven't already then now is the time to spread the light, Connect and show that we exist!

This time they have Andrew Cohen as guest - and don't forget to sign up!

Listen right there or right-click and Save As mp3.
Many people today are discovering the liberating truth that we are all part of a vast evolving process. But how often do the lives we lead become a dynamic expression of this higher vision and all that it reveals? What does it take to truly become extraordinary examples of a life lived for the sake of the evolutionary process? In this Beyond Awakening dialogue, Andrew will shed light on the role and purpose of spiritual practice in an evolutionary context and will explain how sincere spiritual practice can help transform our lives to become a reflection of a greater care--a care for the evolutionary process itself.
I myself had a very hard time listening to this one because I am somewhat familar with Cohen's style of teaching and speaking. I had to have a good few minute cleansing breath before listening to this.
The high points were 40:40 where he talks about how we came from utter peace from absolute stillness and that we are here because we want "action". ;) And 54:30 why and how to get excited about our spirituality and 1:05:16 word "enlightenment is going to be out dated sooner or later..."


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