Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Fifth enstalment of the Teleseminar series Beyond Awakening!

Well, it's time to download the free MP3 / Listen Online for the fifth podcast!
I myself am doing it as we speak and then uploading it to my cellphone so I can plug in my earphones and lay down and really have listen.

Over 25 000 people have signed up already - if you haven't already then now is the time to spread the light, Connect and show that we exist!

This time they have Claire Zammit as guest - and don't forget to sign up!

Listen right there or right-click and Save As mp3.

Great gem at 1:26:00 - Do you think women's fear of the effect of their feminine powerhas prevented us from making this leap on our own spirituality?
In our Beyond Awakening series, I just had an incredible dialogue with Claire Zammit in which she described her personal story and recent work catalyzing an  explosive community centering on feminine power and  spirituality. We waded into what is sometimes "dangerous territory" -- what sometimes makes things difficult between men and women, and how women becoming empowered can paradoxically open up new co-creative synergies between men and women.
~ Terry Patten


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