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Last night I visited the Helsinki Comedy Festival, the English Night, and had a blast looking at Stand-Up Comedy merely from the view of humour - recognising how realizing absurdity of a false statement can cause people physical laughter and amusement and cause a great flow of endorphins (I am getting technical but sometimes you got to, I enjoy laughing, but you should always know why you are doing what you doing, it doesn't take anything away from it). This performer from Sweden had a joke about Facebook, how people who would suddenly loose internet would have to reach for help in analogue Facebook. It got many laughs, from me as well, as he went from door to door asking if people ‘Like’d his shoes, but this got me to thinking much more deeply than it was originally meant to. So here follows my thoughts after sleeping on it. I literally had to be out of bed at 6 A.M to write this all done.

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What is Facebook? It promotes, Sharing, Unity, Global Family, Friendship, right? When you log on you feel part of something bigger, a NETwork of individual with common nominators - and this is closer to the Higher Truths than is first evident.

It is the moment of Unity. During the summer we had the Unity Consciousness Weekend, the effects of it is still felt in the communities that value Unity.
But what kind of Unity are we talking about here?

Not the commonly used one for sure - but the Unity of Souls - The common term Unity prepares us to Spiritual Unity. It eases us into the field of brothers and sisters, common goals of life. I think the African-American community (among others) has greatly hold onto Spiritual Unity, a man is your Brother, a woman your Sister. That is the best way to describe the Spiritual Unity as well. We are all a giant interconnected living family. You are on the Soul Level my Sister and you my Brothers. Your Soul, like my Soul, is a piece of the puzzle that is our Mother/Father God, the Soul of each of our Sisters and Brothers is part of the God that is us.

There is running joke among us who recognise Unity Consciousness and Divine in each other:
A man proclaimed loudly how he was an atheist. "I don't believe in god, I don't believe in god! I don't believe in god!" He did this for many life times, until he had to stop  - because he learned he was god.

You have access to your god Spark, your Divinity - if you wish it. You can talk to your divinity when ever you want to, you can ask and you'll get an answer but it depend on you wither you listen, hear it, accept it.
This Divinity has many names - like is common for humans - some call it our Soul, some our Higher Self (literally meaning a divine self that is much taller, wiser, brighter being, and unconditionally loving than our human bodies), some Divinity, some Goddess or God but whatever we call it, it is a part of us, like our Heart - you cannot see it everyday, but you know it is there, and that it is a vital part of you.

This Higher Self (this is the term that feels most comfortable with me, but you can use which ever you want in your head as you read on) is continuously in connection to each and every human's Higher Self. God sees and hears all. We have heard that before haven't we?
But instead of it being an old man in the sky listening in, it is a web of bright sparks of God in each of us, seeing over the whole planet. Sound familiar? It should. Internet is another way to be in ultimate connection with each other, to be one in this web, net, of ideas and thoughts. But internet alone is not enough, we as people need a tool to teach us how to use this web for the highest good of all. As it is in macrocosmos, it is in microcosmos. We as people have to find Unity in more than just an ideal, an actual tangible means to live among each other.
To each planet its own network.

We are being taught in the spiritual circles how lies and secrets are not beneficial to us - I see why, all I have to do is ask my Higher Self and I will know. Secrets harm their keepers, they make you believe that this bad thing you have done should never be uttered but protected with silence. So it festers within, eating on your fear and past memories, growing, growing, growing until it becomes this monstrous thing! Inside your head that is.
You are bound to this fear of what if someone will know this horrible thing, that I once stopped loving and tried to move on, but chickened out and now have to live with it. There are better ways to go about this.
Simply choose differently, you are capable of choosing happiness even if getting to it seems harder to do than hate. Life is school, it is in no way easy, but once you understand it you realize what it is about and start navigating it, learning how to feel genuingly, it becomes easier. There are fights and break-up and divorces until we learn to let go of anger and fear, personally as a child of divorce I have to tell you - it is no big deal, unless you make it to one. I had the wisdom to know that it is not my place to order my parents around, "You have to be this image of you I have created, because I am comfortable with that and nothing else." "Oh, you're different?" "No, won't have that, will be mad, petty and spiteful instead of accepting, loving and caring of the special divine spark of life that you are." The big revelation is, it applies to all people, all relationships!
Now you are wondering what this has to do with Facebook?
Basic thing about Facebook is sharing. You share your ideas, you share your worries, you share disappointments and you share your love, friendship and caring for each other.
People make a huge deal about how Facebook is fake and you wouldn't do that in real life - to this let me remind you how humanity LEARNS.
Trial and error, we try try and try, we fumble and fall and we get back up and try try and try again until driving that bike is SECOND NATURE.

You see where I am getting with this?

There is a way for mainstream people and us to practise Unity Consciousness, Unity of being a Family, you and me, equal, loving, caring, full of happiness and support, there for each other instantly.
That Practice is Facebook.

I am sure this was not the original idea of the people who created Facebook, but I am sure if you think about it you can see the fine print of the idea that was typed down by OUR Higher Selves.

The most gruesome things appear of our profiles, sadness, depression, divorce in their barest form - and us others feel the pain, we help, support and care - learning to react the same way when one day someone you "currently are pretending" not to know on this earth says this on the street.

And we share the births of babies, finding of true love, amazing joy of merely a walk in the nature or the celebration of a person’s birthday or any other memorable day - we learn to share love, unconditional love, share our happiness instantly!

With 2012 and beyond coming, I can see a timeline, a purpose for Facebook - Can you see it?

Namaste - "The Divine in me, recognises the Divine in you."

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