Thursday, September 2, 2010


Last time I posted an entry was Aug. 11th - that is 3 weeks ago. I have been feeling sort of pooped after a heavily active and superbly warm summer.
For some reason I haven't had the energy to invest too much to this blog and looking deeply at my daily business from spiritual view.
It did worry me a little why this was - but this morning I ran into a Channelling by Emmanuel Dagher.
Many of us have been processing some profound inner transformation due to all the extraordinary celestial happenings this summer which included two eclipses, quite a few powerful astrological alignments, the summer solstice, and of course the abundance of solar flares that have poured into our atmosphere and continue to do so.

For many of us, this powerful combination of events has served to peel off even the deepest layers that have been preventing us from being our most authentic self. With all these layers being cleared away so fast, it's absolutely normal that many of us might feel burnt out with almost no energy left, maybe even feeling like we've been put through the ringer.

Although many of us are still processing through this heavy releasing phase for the next few weeks, we are now moving into the next chapter of our lives which is all about anchoring and grounding into physical form, the manifestation of all the inner-work we've faithfully done on ourselves over the past few years.
Read the whole channelling here:
Includes tools to Grounding It All In.

Even having been gone, I haven't dropped of the map, I've started work again (it's great to finally see all the blessings of my job) and I've been running around in the woods inside Helsinki. But it is time again to focus on the next phase - I give thanks to this rest period and look forward to the next wave.

Finnish field of moss and rocks in pinetree forest...

Tangled display of evergreen roots, surrounded by moss, rocks and pine needles.

Kanerva and lychan spotted rock inside the pinetree forest...


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