Thursday, September 2, 2010


Conscious Evolution by Barbara Marx Hubbard
Evolutionary Language Guide:

Quote from Scott London Book Review:
Hubbard discusses the social potential movement against the backdrop of a broader visionary perspective on social and personal transformation. She believes that the human species is poised to take its next evolutionary leap and that the many crises we now face — from environmental devastation and overpopulation to social alienation and dire poverty — represent a dangerous yet natural stage in the birth of a more highly evolved species. Citing recent research in the fields of evolutionary biology, systems theory, and chemistry, she contends that living systems do not change and evolve in a linear fashion, but rather by upheaval, or what she calls "quantum change."

This is an inspiring, if not always inspired, book. Hubbard brings together some of the most hopeful evidence that our culture is evolving in the right direction, but much of it is soft rather than hard data. For example, she gets a lot of mileage out of Paul Ray's assertion that there is a growing subculture in the United States, some 44 million strong, which embodies a new set of cultural values. Yet these numbers are highly questionable, and in any case there is very little to corroborate them. But never mind, they sound persuasive. 
 If you are at all interested in what came before you and how future is actually quite a bright star instead of the grim dream it seems to be molding into - read this.


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