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"You have to distinguish Divine Pride from egoistic pride. [...] Don't ever let a Green culture, give you so much carpet burn that you feel you have to stop. And don't ever let green culture take away Divine Pride from what you are doing. Keep absolute humility as well."
~Ken Wilber, on the video below at 06:20 -->

What is this Divine Pride?

What is egoistic pride?
Divine Pride is not, all things that egoistic pride is:
Pride of my car, or my house, or my clothes, my hair extentions, my intellegent, my wealth, my spirituality, my wisdom above others wisdom, my great morality, w00t go me I am awesome!
Erm... that not Divine Pride at any point, that is your Ego stating how awesome it think it/you are.
Ego being the shadow entity of your mind and thinking, the one force that thrives on keeping you alive, in control with both flattery and intimitation. The unfortunate side effects of this ego are fear, anger, depression and sadness. You have to give it to the Ego - it kept you alive at times when all you had was skins for clothes and roots for foods. But as we have evolved, from magic and myth to modern, from modern to post-modern, from post-modern to integral we have come to realize we don't have such use for the Ego anymore and we have started to learn our way, away, from the ego.

So, What is replacing the Ego, our survival instinct?

Divinity. The divine spark of God/Creator in you, in me, in our brothers and sisters. That is what is replacing the ego's futile attempts to stay stagnant in the past when we needed it to survive, back when body still had to hold on to dear life in every fat cell (that is another story, another stagnant non-progressive reminder of how much we have evolved from our early history).

Divine is state above ego, it is the state where ego's tactics are no longer necessary because we have come to realise few important truths.

There is no death, not as how post-modern people see it - we won't leave human body forever, we won't disintegrate to dust and cease to exist. Reincarnation exists, there is a spirit, soul, divinity in us that is forever, never dying, never tainted, and never ending. And in this divinity we are safe.

We make our reality - we are the ones who decide whether we are happy or not, we are the ones who can choose if we will suffer or not, we are the ones who decide if loosing ability to walk or ability to hear is suffering or happiness. We are the ones who decide if a death of another family member is a life altering injustice and depression or life altering change to do good. We are the ones who decide. We are the ones who create our own lives.

With just these two truths will help you see that ego and it's by product can be retired. Ego... Don't you want to retire? You have served me well, for so long, you have made me who am today, you've loved me, you've cared for me, you have saved my life in so many occasions. Don't you think it's time for you to return to God, return back to Bliss and Love where all your troubles are being rewarded with rest and happiness? Your work is done, you are free. Free!

And we are left with our divine that is never against or for anything, that is bliss and happiness in everyday life, till the day we die.

There are so many things in our lives that can only be taught to us through divinity.

To let go of the ego doesn't mean we are done, that there is no where to go (this is ego's statement), nothing to learn - on the contrary! There is so much! A whole new evolution of humanity, we should see this as an amazing opportunity to be able to witness this leap to a whole state of being human. You don't stop being human just because you no longer fear and hate, think about it, why would hate make you human, why would fear? BE EXCITED! You are at the freaking best seats to witness evolution! GET EXCITED!

Be divine, be happiness, choose the best life, the new life... see nature and animals for what they truly are, see science for what it can truly offer!

This excitement, this happiness and love - this is Divine Pride!

See you! The divine you.

Love, Light and Joy!

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