Thursday, December 23, 2010


What happened on the Lunar Eclipse for me, and the effects of it two days after.

Tuesday (Total Lunar Eclipse at 10:17am)
The morning the Eclipse begun the sky was covered in clouds, but I could feel it. I felt the moon's energy at the centre of my chest, my heart centre. From the first few moments at work I noticed, everything rubbed me the wrong way and that I would be of no use there. Luckily I had the opportunity to take the two days before christmas off, so I did. Around midday ( just checked, Partial Lunar Eclipse end at 12:01 Helsinki time ) I begun to feel nautious, which followed me all day, strongly enought that I couldn't cook dinner at home, didn't have any desire to eat anything. It was also during the midday when I had a moment of complete disbelief in my spiritual self, but what was interesting about it is that I truly knew it was just my ego ranting, I could tell because even amidst all these emotions I stayed calmed like parent letting a child rant right next to her. It lasted roughly 5 minutes, bit less, ego just calmed down and gave up. But kept trying to cause trouble all day, on the smallest things. In the evening headaches begun, they were mild but I could tell my whole body was taking part in the shift. Something was being rearranged.
Just as I was going to sleep, I had to evict a negative energy manifestation off the appartment, this was odd because sense protecting the place when we first moved in five years ago I have had only one other unwanted visit. This one was taken care of very quickly and with Archangel Michael's help. I never am scared of these energies as they exist as much as anything my mind and our minds create, so there should be no fear as I know I have nothing to fear from them, especially sense April when I figured out our essence is truly untoucheble by anything negative. Well moving on...

Woke up at regular time, but what struck me weird was I absolutely did not need or want coffee.
Normally that is the first thing I do as I wake up, I get up, make coffee, and use the first hour and half to two hours drinking coffee. But no felt no need for it so decided to skip it wondering if this had something to do with lunar eclipse. Rest of the day went well, even though there was still ego showing up to try cause trouble, and it did at one point, but I simply told it to take a hike and fixed the problem. Well not that simply, but it is easy to but love first.

Still no need for coffee, and also I feel much more calm, no kicked off with caffein but a nice calm Niina.
We will see what else today brings. In Finland Christmas begins tomorrow, so it'll be gifts and christmas dinner tomorrow!
I'm now off to bi-color my hair, dark purple and chocolate colors!

Love, Light and Joy!


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