Monday, January 11, 2010


I like the word subtle - it seems it comes my way too rarely.

It has an echo of peace in it, harmony, love and kindness. With a world full of bold and aggressively strong people - I cherish the subtle people - those who are silent and understand why they are silent.

I love harmony and silence, peace and restfulness. (perhaps this is why I keep feeling anxioty towards the jobs I have had - still have - that expect me to me the officer, the lawmaker, the dictator)

Deepak Chopra in his book "The Book of Secrets" states the following:

  • To love someone is subtler than to criticize the individual
  • To promote peace is subtler than to promoto anger and violence
  • To see someone without judgement is subtler than to criticize the person

I'd like to add my own to this:

  • To be silent in subtler than to advice the other person
  • To be aware is subtler than to to ignore the other person
I bet the list goes on and on... feel free to leave your own to comment here.

There is no wrong that can be done here.

P.S: Beautiful Art work by Arthur Douet - link to his website is in the image. Click the image for more beautiful artwork.


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