Friday, January 1, 2010


Day 6's Dream

This one was a hard to call back - eventuallyt after rolling around ten minutes I got a climps.


I was being held hostige in cruise liner cabin by a woman, I tricked here to leave the room with me. We went to the elevators, there were four, first available had a toilet, another had a sleeping man, and third was half the size - we took that one.
The dream changed to a bus and the woman to my cousin Heidi, we were going to our gratuation, we were talking about dresses and foods and then Brittany Murphy (from Clueless - she died about a week ago).


Prison guard = Your conscience, Commonly used metaphors for conscience include the "voice within" and the "inner light". (she was not letting me escape)
Ship = The journey of life, with calm and storms.
Elevator = And elevator going down means you have failed, and are at spiritual regression. (4 elevators - so perhaps only one of them is going down?)
Bus = A bus means you are traveling same way with others. Even towards a same goal. If you are satisfied, then you are in a good place socially. (I was happy and chatty)
Family (cousin) = Family members are you yourself. Study emotions of the situation. (content, at ease)

My inner voice is trying to tell me not to go down a wrong pathway, to eventually fail in my quest. It went down the elevator with me cause my inner voice is always with me even when I make poor choices. Perhaps if I was less spiritual I would get along with my family better. Which makes sense as I like being alone at times - and not talk about things that are negative and my family has a habit of going through bad events or news with vigor - where I no longer want that in my day-to-day life. (both sides of my blood family - I am not saying they are "bad" or different - I am saying I am at a different place from them and hence feel slightly alienated from them.)


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