Wednesday, January 6, 2010


One of the things I've learned during my spiritual journey so far is that I read and then accept what resonates with me - and discard what doesn't.

See there is no ultimate truth, everyone gets certain thing wrong. Just because one person is very highly valued doesn't mean they can't do wrong.

Diana Cooper and I are at the same page most of the time, her channelings ring very true to me - most of them - I value her insight and her willingness to be a channel to all this information. She's truly a delightful person and a magnetic soul.

But I still have my own opinions - I wouldn't blindly follow anyone - it's not in me.
I will though blindly follow my heart and intuition.

Here are some links to all things Diana Cooper:

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Articles: at
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Look inside 2012: at
Look inside Atlantis: at


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