Sunday, January 3, 2010


Day 8's Dream

My mom and I were left in a strange city to get home by our selves, after getting something to eat, we got a bus - later I noticed four people we turning into aliens. We went to Independance Day concert that was packed full of people - I was very frustrated cause I was running late - even though hubby was trying to make me relax.


Food = Marks satisfaction of your psychological physiological needs.
Cast-aside = Reflects as a side of yourself that you want to get rid of. (I have some body issues so this makes sense as it came after eating - my physiological need)
Bus = Traveling to the same direction with others - when you travel to home with a bus - you are trying to find the true meaning of yourself. (yes, I am)
Party = Portraits the happiness of life, good things and will to appreasiate others. (I was very frustrated - even though hubby was trying to make me relax)


In the mids of my body issues such as shape, eating, work, fears and emotions - I am trying to find my true essance. I want happiness, a good life and to be able to appresiate everything and everyone - myself is trying to help - now I just have to let go of my frustrations and my control and let things that are to happen - happen.


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