Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Day 11's Dream

Okay this is a little weird let's see what I can make of it...


There was a train terminal and I was there with someone waiting for trains.
I was (now don't laugh) Kanye West, and I had a baby with someone here in Finland, a boy. Then I which half way being the woman and went grocery shopping, there was a lot of pasta.


Trains = mean ways to goals, from terminal to terminal. (so me being at a terminal tells about me being invested in this one goal right now)
Father = A figure of strength in a family. A symbol of safety. (me being and unexpected father, could mean I am unexpectedly the strength for my family - today 12th is also a day when my sister's are coming to see me for the day)
Boy = Represents the viewers child-like self that is fulfilling the whole person. (true - I always connect to my inner child when I'm with my sister's)
Food = means satisfying your physical and emotional needs. It presents the quality of your life. Cares for the spitual wellbeing of you. (I loved the pasta, even complimented it)


My goal for today - when my sisters come to visit (after 1,5 years break from just the three of us- is to look at some tarot, cook real good snack foods, channel, maybe do something else they've never done before.

I lo9ve* both of my sister's so much, they are both light.

* the 9 = Universal energy of the goddess was an accidental typo, but will leave it there as it deserve it's presence.


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