Thursday, January 14, 2010


This morning in the mids of fetching a second cup of coffee just moments ago, I noticed our printed ticket to Canary Islands. It got me smiling, I'm really happy and looking forward to this - it is going to be amazing connecting to that energy!
Then it dawned to me that this is why vision boards* work!

I mean all the other parts of this trip are not anywhere near tangible yet! the money spent is electronic, the reservation electronic - all energy!
As is this trip but because I visually paid it and I have visual proof in front of my eyes it is REAL to me...

I know epiphanies can only be experienced in the person who has them - but man this one was a nice kicker for the morning. ;D

This weekend my Vision Board is going up! (I will imagine they are all paid for, all mine I just have to go grab them!)

*I use to not think much of vision boards as I imagined them as more or less reguest, but basically vision boards are cut & glued or drawn pictures on big paper that you believe and confirm are yours - you but it away and what will be will be. Somewhat like mandala exercises if you are familiar to those.


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