Thursday, January 7, 2010


The Pyramids

Those of you who don't yet know this - the pyramids were not build by slaves. But workers of egyptian people.

How did this come to be known?

Well they found tombs of the workers, highly decorated, certainly too elaborate for slaves. And in these tombs were the mummies and skeletons of the people. From those remain scientist figured they had medical attention given to them - that would have not been the case for slaves.

Now - lets but this to perspective.

We know EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON, we know this, now you were egyptian worker, acting out your divine meaning by building a pyramid to the gods, to the pharaos - and you get into an accident where your leg gets broken.

At that moment you lose income, your marriage is in turmoil for the low lack of money - your leg heals eventually and this all passes and you are back to building the pyramid. It seems it happened and all you got was sourgrapes for a while.

but in the grand scale of things - it was because of your busted leg that showed people that it wasn't slaves who built the pyramids - it was you and your fellow men.

EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON - even if takes thousands of years to figure out why.


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