Friday, January 8, 2010


Since last summer it has been my and my husband goal to go to Canary Islands for one week in the coldest month of the year in Finland, end of January.

We had for six months expected to go to Tenerife, until today when the perfect trip for us emerged just as quickly as the trip we always though we were going to take disappeared from our grasps.

Now we are going to Gran Canaria - the round island shape kind of like a cylindar - co-insident or destiny? Well you should know by now I'm not one for co-insidents. ;)

I don't know nothing of Gran Canaria - like I know Tenerife that I've visiten half a dozen time.

So if you know the island - know where to look spiritually - let me know. Comment on this post - send me e-mail or send it through energy as divine intuition - all is appresiated.

In two weeks exactly I'll be walking the dunes of Playa del Inglés!


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