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It is now 4 days to the Total Lunar Eclipse and we are beginning to feel the effects of the energetic shift. I personally before doing the math lit some insence ( which I haven't done for a month or so ) and meditated ( which also haven't done for months ) - after few moments I started to feel slightly static inside, and searched for the cause, which led me to detect a light shell of myself inside me, almost like a holograph of me but a white shell of me. It kept adjusting, flashing from one side to another like interference on the radio waves, not quite ready to manifest or choose it's place, creating the static vibrations I felt. I understood that this is the shift that will happen as the Winter Solstice and Lunar Eclips occur. Welcome! Now new information on the 21st of December 2010.


Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse and Winter Solstice Align the Dec 21st for a Powerful Energetic Opening

Change is already in the air, and with the powerful upcoming full moon, lunar eclipse, and winter solstice alignment on December 21, 2010 this is only going to be amplified.
We're now only 2 years away from the much anticipated date of Dec 21 2012 and this does have a great significance! The upcoming full moon, winter solstice and total lunar eclipse of this year will be extra potent and powerful alignment, due to our now close location to the center of the galaxy.
The galactic center will be directly aligned with our sun on December 21 2012, but even now, the close proximity to this galactic center adds power, priority and frequency to the great changes already in the process of manifesting on Earth.
The galaxy center is said to be the center of the universe, the sun of our sun, and the place where stars and planets are born. It is the source of gravity in our universe, and also offers extra energy, motivation and purpose if we are able to correctly "tune in" to its power.
The main purpose of this years powerful energetic opening on December 21, is to assist you in fully opening your heart, mind, and physical body to successfully merge and align with the new energy. The benefit in this alignment is that it supports you in realigning with the original plan for your life, and the ability to fulfill this purpose. You are here on earth with a unique and special purpose, the astrological alignment of this year seeks to bring you back into full alignment with your unique divine path here on Earth.
Your unique purpose here on Earth is in no way created or classified by the beliefs of society as a whole, and society cannot help you find this truth. Rather, realigning with your true purpose here on Earth means realigning with the essence of who you are, a spiritual being!

Challenges During Alignment
The December 2010 solstice, and even the 2012 solstice opening can be positive conduits for change here on Earth, but the results are not predetermined. Change is certain, but the eventual outcome is largely influenced by the collective thoughts, beliefs and actions of humanity. We humans have a clear choice... fear or love. Depending on how we respond to upcoming challenges will determine our collective future.
Love, compassion, and unity are a beautiful possibility of what can manifest in this new energy. However, to stay in these positive emotions there is still a great deal of clearing work that is needed in all. The energy of this month, especially around the powerful energy of the Solstice will shine light on all areas where you aren't fully centered in love and compassion. What painful or challenging emotions from your past are still stored within you? In the energy this month, these feelings will come up! Anger, pain, sadness, frustration... these are great examples of what must be released from within you, so that you can fully integrate the light into your being, and stay in alignment with your true purpose. When you face these challenging emotions, give thanks for you are now able to fully release them into the light, and forever be lighter yourself!
Learning to respond with love in every situation will assure that you stay on your divine path, and accomplish what you came here to Earth to do!

Clearing and Preparing for 2012
Be aware that you may feel raw, exposed and deeply challenged this month. As new challenges come up for you, along with old emotions to release... remember that your release work now, will enable you to stay centered in love, compassion, joy, and abundance as you move forward.
Releasing that which no longer serves you now, will set you up to be in a position to help others... as release work is moving from the optional category to being mandatory for all.

Love and Compassion!
This time is about clearing karmic energy that resides within you at a cellular level. Tragic events from past lives can leave old emotions stored within you, that unless cleared, you will never be able to move beyond. This lifetime is your opportunity to clear your karmic record and begin the new age, starting in December 2012 with a clean slate! The catch to this time being about clearing karmic energy, is that the energies are already coming up to be released whether you are conscious of it or not. Anger, sadness, depression, confusion...these are examples of the energy that once properly released into the light will no longer need to be relived. Without release, you can be sure you will continue in the same painful pattern and this simply is not necessary!
A new world filled with peace, love, happiness, and abundance is possible if humanity as a whole chooses love. Prepare yourself for this, with powerful focused angelic assistance! Compassion, truth, and love offer us a way through all challenges. We all have an incredible opportunity now to change the course of history forever, to live in balance with mother earth and each other. As you navigate this month, remember that as humanity we are essentially all one, focus on being present in the now moment... respond to all situations with love, and start acting according to your inner truth, in an authentic way. As 2012 approaches more quickly every day, we have an incredible opportunity to focus on love, and compassion for all beings. This love focus and true connection with Spirit is enough to overcome any challenge.
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Shared  to inform everyone of their chance for growth and release for a better life!

Love, Light and Joy!


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