Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Day 12: July 7 - White Dog

"White Dog signals a breakthrough in your life: new beginnings, new perceptions, new allies and friends. As you express more authentically who you are, you draw your true family closer to you. With your guides and companions, you have the ability to manifest your inspired visions and dreams. Recognize the eyes and hearts that spark the remembrance of a sacred trust. If you are attached to finding your "soul mate," your "one and only," and yet find yourself seemingly alone, look at the issues you are seeking to satisfy outside of self. You are never alone - your companions of destiny are always available for loving support through your spiritual connection to the one heart."

Niina: I have recently with ACIM, "A Course In Miracles" picked up one life altering information, the whole planet in soul level is my family, my sisters and brothers - each as valueable as the other.
On the Soul Level we are all pure, and bathe in light and embrace the truth, releasing the use of errors - such as anger, fear, pain, anxioty and lust, among others.
And it is because of this Soul Level that it is very hard for me to see anything but family anymore. It would be cruel to not Uncontionally Love a wayward sister or brother just because they are making a mistake right now, when you know they are in essence a great, bright, loving being. This way we are never alone - alone is this error belief that we have been separated from our Higher Self and that family. You can never be alone when you release the thought that there ever was "alone".


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