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I have forever had great interest in anatomy of human beings, it was peaked when I was studying for my Practical Nurse decree and Anatomy came up. The human body is exceptionally interesting!

From Suzan Carroll's "Becoming One - Chapt.1 Awakening to SELF 'Discovering our multidimensional nature'."

This latent potential could also connect us to each other and to the planet. After all, we are currently using only 10 to 15 percent of our brain, and scientists have told us that at least 90 percent of our DNA is “junk DNA,” or DNA with no identified function.
If we can rise above our fear and live in the unity of love [ me: love creating state of unity among humankind ], perhaps we can awaken the vast, untapped abilities of our greater, true SELF. After all, where in nature is an organism only 10 percent functional? The answer is, when an organism is in its chrysalis form. We have been programmed by the world around us to believe that change is frightening. However, we can look into our lives and remember times of great challenge when we were frightened that we might not make it through, yet we later found that that period of change actually lead to great improvements in our lives.
What is Junk DNA?What is Chrysalis form?

I have forever had great interest in anatomy of human beings, it was peaked when I was studying for my Practical Nurse decree and Anatomy came up. The human body is exceptionally interesting! If you think about it we are extremely fragile - only a thin film of skin holding our insides in - with the help of the muscles and the skeletal system AND intricate network of alarm systems such as the nerves. There is SO MUCH potential in this fragile casing, most of it in the brain.
I have always been having questions about the brain relating to spirituality - why does humanity in 3D have this urge to use their imagination? Why do we have it? I've played with the idea in my own mind that it is a climbs of the future state - or to but it perhaps better or past state. Think way back, way back when we weren't part of the Earth Experience.
Of course human being in 3D being what they are got things bit garbled.
We have subconscious memories of what we are originally, that translates to what we are here, we are - if you allow me to use some humor here - a poor man's version of us.
What we truly are and know, such as Love, Family, Anatomical Entity and pretty much all else are being garbled by our 3D state and body. Our version of love, was for a long time merely romantic love until lately when we remembered Unconditional Love in a grander scale [of course there have been masters, Buddha, Jesus and 'Gods and Goddess' who knew this and lead by example] we got a climbs of the true nature of LOVE.
Same with Family, our 3D version of family is sister, brothers, mothers and so on, when originally it encompassed All, this is the Soul Family, you are as much my sister, my brother, as any blood relative.
Humankind tries very hard to bring forth their true state in our 3D world - I try very hard.

With that said back to the brain! The sleeper DNA, the waiting to be activated DNA is doing just that it sleep waiting to be awaken.
Every culture in one way or another calls your spiritual awakening, surprise, awakening. You are asleep, and you awaken sometimes gradually, sometimes behind the garbage cans od'ing with drugs. The microcosm, macrocosm applies here as well - as it does with all life [and death] - every cell, nerve and muscle fibre plays the microcosm of your existence - read any medical journal or study any book and you can see the connections, the similarities with human life. They are there for all to see.
The DNA waiting to be activated to me means enlightenments - notice the plural - Enlightenments because to me there are stages of enlightenment we have to go through, get soaked in. A gradual process which every human being does in their own pace and own selection. They aren't as much steps we all have to take, but a room with thousand doors that we all choose ourselves which ones we want to open at which times.
To stay with the metaphor, each door opens, activating more of your DNA.
The complexity of what is behind these doors seems impossible to 3D human beings, especially the last doors unopened. Process is slow - it takes many life times - until slowly it comes closer to an end. Even after our time at Earth is done, our DNA isn't done.
There is much talk of spirit guides and ascended masters having degrees of enlightenment - which has brought me to believe that is where DNA continues it's progress in 5D, 6D and so on in another form than human, in a complicated form of Light and energetic vibrations.

Anatomy of human beings and our brain and DNA is absolutely fascinating, why, because it crosses over after earth and continues to be the link between enlightenment and us.

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