Thursday, July 8, 2010


Day 13: July 8 - Blue Monkey!

This position sums up the entire chart, the entire vibe of this summer with the Grand Cross. I think it's amazingly fitting since when I did that last reading I got the same message! Remember my Blue Monkey message? All about how if we find ourselves getting overly serious about everything we need to lighten up like Blue Monkey and activate our innocent inner child to play and just BE? Well, here we are again! I'd say we're getting the message!

"Speak your truth directly. Be vulnerable, sensitive, and open-hearted. Accept life's 'disruptions' with good humour. Reaccess your sensitivity by healing your inner child."

"Blue Monkey breaks down structures, images, and beliefs that no longer serve you. Blue Monkey invites you to act in spontaneous and unpredictable ways. Lighten up! Smile! Don't be so serious! Believe in the magic of the moment. See what is revealed in spontaneity."

So there you have it! I would suggest following along each day while keeping in mind that this is important energy to remember for the whole summer...

Niina: This couldn't be closer to the way of life I want - to be happiness. To Be!
There is no seriousness to begin with so what is it about it that is so appealing to people?!
Lets all Lighten Up! Goof around, smile and laugh. :) Nothing bad in that!
Lets live with heart wide open to seeing other people true essence their joy and happiness even when they cannot see it themselves, and especially when they do see it in themselves.
"Accept life's 'disruptions' with good humour."
It helps to think these disruptions don't actually exist, they are errors, and our main purpose is to heal the error with love, light and joy!

This Wavespell Ends in Happiness!

Love, Light and Joy!


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