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I'm reading Suzan Carroll's "Becoming One..." online as PDF. file. It's one of the books I presented before as being free. She herself allowed free access to her books.

She goes through the Dimensions in Chapter 2, explaining very well why crystal therapy works, how each rock, flower and animal is a brother or a sister - part of the soul family.


First-dimensional consciousness
is awareness as a point.
The consciousness that resonates to this dimension is
the Mineral Kingdom that both people and planet both in their
bodies. Current third-dimensional science has not proven that
minerals have any awareness as we recognize it, but healers
and shamans have been using crystals as healing tools for
many centuries.
As humans, our first-dimensional consciousness is
unconscious—it is in fact a state of not being conscious of our
five physical senses. However, the first dimension is a portion
of our bodies and represents the minerals, water, cells, and
genetic codes that are the foundation of all physical forms. If
we could access this level of our unconscious, we could
connect with Gaia and all her creatures via the most basic
common denominator, the individual molecules. Perhaps we
could even consciously access our own genetic coding.
Second-dimensional consciousness
is awareness as point and line.
The consciousness that resonates to this
dimension is biological matter, such as the Plant Kingdom,
which covers our beautiful planet, and the lower Animal
Kingdom, such as reptiles and fish. The consciousness of this
dimension does not possess self-awareness. These beings are
only conscious of their species' identity and their need for
feeding, fighting, and procreation. Their consciousness is
based upon survival of the fittest and they live solely within the
awareness of the moment.
Human second-dimensional consciousness is centered
in the lower brain, also known as our "reptilian brain," which
directs the autonomic nervous system to regulate and maintain
life support functions. Our five physical senses are largely
unconscious of this component of ourselves, but with training
(such as biofeedback and meditation) we can establish some
conscious awareness and control. Yogis, for example, are
known to achieve enough conscious control of their autonomic
nervous system to regulate their heartbeat and metabolism.
"Primitive" peoples are much more aware of this
"animal" portion of their physical form and, therefore, have
conscious access to their basic instincts and an awareness of
how they are a portion of a greater whole. Unlike "civilized"
man, they have a constant respect for all life and the balance of
Third-dimensional consciousness
is awareness of point, line, length, breadth, height, and volume.
The primary consciousness of this dimension is the higher Animal Kingdom
(including humans). Just like our third-dimensional planet, our
third-dimensional body is composed of all the elements of the
first and second dimension: water, minerals, genetic coding,
and biological matter, as well as an individual Soul. It is this
individual Soul that distinguishes humans from the other
members of the Animal Kingdom who mostly have a group
The name Gaia is the Greek noun for “land.” In Greek
mythology, Gaia was the primordial element from which all the
gods originated. Gaia was worshiped throughout early Greece
but later fell into decline and was supplanted by other gods.
Like the ancient Greeks, we have stopped revering the land
that gives us a home and we have instead turned to worshiping
power and money. However, what good will those gods do us if
we have no land on which to live? As we remember our
multidimensional consciousness, we will no longer need to
worship anything or anyone. Our consciousness will expand to
embrace all the dimensions from the first to the twelfth, and we
will be united with all life.
Our third-dimensional Earth is locked in a time/space
and cause/effect paradigm. This dimension is a schoolroom
that our higher-dimensional Souls attend by inhabiting
humanoid, physical bodies to learn more about creation. In the
third dimension, life mirrors all that we are seeking to
understand. Therefore, the process of creating via our thoughts
and feelings is slowed down so that we can track the
circumstances of what we hold in our consciousness.
There are different stages of human consciousness
aligned in a hierarchical manner, which often, but not always,
coincide with our age:

In the first level of consciousness, we are dependent on
others for our survival. In this state of dependency, we do not
realize that our consciousness holds the seeds of the lives we
are creating. We believe that we are powerless over our
environment and that we are victims to the circumstances of
our lives. Our goal in this level is to gain enough selfawareness,
as we mature beyond this child-state, to become

In the second level of consciousness, we are
independent. This independence develops as we learn that we
can control our own life. Through our choices and experiences,
we gain trust in our ability to be responsible because we
respect ourselves. This respect is based upon our sense of
personal power. Without this sense of personal power, we are
filled with fear, which reduces us to surviving. Although age is a
factor in gaining our independence, it is certainly not the only
way we gain independence. It is the ability to self-reflect and
learn from life’s experiences that pushes us on to the third level
of consciousness.

In the third level of consciousness, we are dependable.
This dependability develops as we gain enough trust and
respect for ourselves that we can become responsible for
others. Through life’s experiences, we have learned that we
definitely have an impact, not only on our own life, but also on
the lives of others. Because of our earned self-esteem, we feel
confident that we are reliable. We have “earned” our selfesteem
by taking the time to recognize our victories, no matter
how small.

As humans, we have the ability to remember the past
and the future while remaining aware of the present. However,
much of our true SELF becomes lost in our unconscious mind.
This loss leaves us with a feeling of separation from the whole,
a fear that we are limited in our ability to achieve our desires,
and a belief that we have to work hard to accomplish our goals.


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