Sunday, July 18, 2010


It has taken me 28 years to come to full grasps with my life plan. I was 13 when I realized I had one, I was 16 when I realized I only knew small parts of it, I was 19 when I came to accept that. And even after that it took steady jumps within every 6 months of each other, for me to get to where I am Now.

The Power Of Now says to focus not in your past or your future but where you are right Now - a fact that I agree with whole heartedly. That said I think the last insight is good to be processed so it can be let go.

My whole life I have been happily agreeing with others, not rattling the boat with a smile on. Sometimes I thought that meant that I was a pushover, sometimes I thought it meant I was timid or weak, even to the extenct where I was very angry with myself for it. But these past few months of intense Spiritual soaking in the light I've realized that to be what I am now, I had to be calm, quiet and agreeing when I was younger.
I didn't know it then, but I know it now.

It never was weakness, timidness, cowardness - it was pacifistic

When you are teenager being peaceful is extremely hard, so I imagine my slow/tranguil, undisturped nature helped me to be just that. We all get closer to the end of our cycle on Earth - and lately there has been signs that my karma is coming to an end as well. If I wasn't a pacifist, my karma would not be coming to an end in this lifetime or even next. The end of the cycle is all about PEACE, being a pacifist at turpulent times.

When I was younger, even just 6 months ago, I thought my peace was a sign of some sort of weakness.
I could not be seeing clearer Now - there is nothing weak about me! 
Now that I am at a clear about who I AM and how that is in perfect alignment with my Life Plan, I'm agreeing that I finally am at complite agreement with myself, conscious self, subconscious self and Higher Self.

Why did I write this, other than to get it out of myself to release my understanding and knowledge to the universe?

Trust your Life Plan, you made it, you know it works, you know you don't always get it - UNTIL YOU DO.


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