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Chapter 2 VI.Fear and Conflict - 2.
2You would not excuse insane behavior on your part by saying you couldn't help it. 3Why should you condone insane thinking? 4There is a confusion here that you would do well to look at clearly.
A Course in Miracles doesn't ever leave me out cold. I love how simply things are said, with such profound effect. The quote above was from the first thing I read this morning. I had ACIM on my computer table and opened it. The whole passages 1 and 2 state that Fear seems involuntary, even though it is not (according to ACIM) and that fear shows that you have taken thoughts of the body trying to infuse them to your being. Which doesn't work, creating fear. Fear of shame, fear of violence, fear of hurt feelings. So it is insane to cause this to yourself once you know of it, right?

As much as you wouldn't go on an insane rodent killing spree - you should be aware of your thoughts.
Woody Allen said it well at end credits of Vicky Cristina Barcelona, 'Cristina continued searching... certain only, of what she didn't want.'

If you do not want to feel hurt, angry, jealous, timid, burned, then it is up to you to see what causes it, and is that valid.  Many people say yes it is valid it is a human emotion - lets look at that... Human emotions, part of your human existence - if you are nothing more than the body and brain impulses, neutrons in your wave length then perhaps fear is part of you. But if you believe that there is more to you than this body, that there is existance beyond the physical body then ask your self if that existence feels fear?
If you answered no, then perhaps it is time to start body training period to let go of the illusion that you have to be afraid of various emotional of physical dangers.
Know that people aren't out to get you, each and every human being is your brother or sister going through this same human experience. One being not above another, but on a different place from you.
When this is realized, it is so easy to love one another as the sister or brother that they are to you.

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