Monday, July 5, 2010


Day 10: July 5 - Yellow Star - Pluto & Moon and North Node in Capricorn

Intense! These three energies sit at the very top of the chart representing the Objective or Calling of this chart. Our objective is to move towards a complete re-ordering of our habits when it comes to what we've been taught to believe or to value in our society (capricorn/saturn: work, ambition, status)....and we are called towards Yellow Star energy! Transforming into powerful way-showers and harmony-exuders!

"Draw on love to prune away the disharmony in your life. Cultivate harmony. Access your starseeded essence; stand in the harmony of your full presence. Offer up your present perspective of self to a more expansive view. Leap to a different way of seeing, hearing, and being."

"You are being asked to practice harmony in your daily life. Become the harmony that carries you into star essence. Yellow Star indicates that you may benefit from learning how to harmonize different energies, people, thoughts, and ideas. Act on intuitive guidance in this. Follow your heart. Release situations that appear to limit your experience of harmony. A new golden octave has been sounded on Earth. What is your note in the new harmony? Be the love. Be luminous. Be the harmony."

"On a spiritual level, Yellow Star begins the development of higher being. The fundamental tones that occur in this series are of a more expanded frequency than those of the preceding seven tones. In this new octave, there is an alignment in the harmonies of Earth and the harmonies of the stars that are now being sounded on Earth. Yellow Star is the first in a series of star harmonies that evoke accelerated growth of the starseed potential within you."
(Tracey: the Objective of this challenging time as represented by the Grand Cross is to create a new consciousness on Earth - the New Myth as represented by Yellow Star!)

Niina: Going to Porvoo today, whole day trip. I'll get back to this at the end of the day. :) 
"Release situations that appear to limit your experience of harmony."
A turn of the wheel decided that today was not a day for a trip. With a new life - I probably shouldn't say new anymore - few things ever get a reaction out of me, and those are usually from people who matter to me.
Such a change as not going somewhere planned means absolutely nothing, as I am Perfect in the Now. I don't have to be anxious because I couldn't go somewhere just because I couldn't go somewhere - that is just silly!
The best thing about Living in The Now soaked in Unconditional Love is that everything is good, all the time.
Now what does cause disharmonious reactions from me, in my life are the following: Relationships, Attachements to People, Emotions. The good thing is, I know when it happens and release it, but years of use of my reacting is hard habit to break with things that are closest to you. But because I recognise it means, it is so much easier to release it and eventually release reacting complitely.


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