Friday, July 23, 2010


I came across this post on spiritual forums where a question was asked, "Who else is different from the spiritual masses?"

Which lead me to do some thinking - see I have since awakening at 13 felt different. ofcourse I was, I was smack in the middle of school and believed in life beyond earth, meditating, visions, tarot cards and alien contact. And not in the cool, I'll dress up goth style and scare some people. I was the same as ever before, earth tones, jeans and the occasional loud sweater we were so fons of in the 90's. I was so different on the inside I was bullied as well - thorougly bullied [I have forgiven them, and hope that it hasn't added karma onto them, but taken some of mine away] all the way through school. Which ofcourse added to the feeling of being different.

This continued for a long time, this very profound feeling of being different - I realized it is because I don't present the norm of sociaty. The norm of sociaty is, pick-a-religion, pick-a-family, work-like-crazy, get-a-debression, scurry-on.
What I did was not pick a religion, boyfriends, chose studying instead of work - but it turns out being "different" comes with debression as well.

So, I make it to adult age and start working, and find myself different again. I just don't fit in - screams the ego.
Finally after years of 'shut ups' to the ego - I figure it out, at the tender age of 28.


That's the answer. Simple, huh? Well-- getting there wasn't. ;)

None of us is "different". I had come to a place in my Spirituality when few fact had solified, first my Higher Self [my highest form of existence that is a part of god/creator/essence of life] had become more reality than ever, I believed in enlightenment, and saw everyone on earth as part of my family.
Then I came across A Course In Miracles which changed whatever there was left in me.
There was talk of there is no separation, which finally unified everything that I had in me.
This truly profoud feeling of family, brothers and sister in the soul level emerged and I got it.
We aren't different, our bodies are, our ego reactions are, but in the essence we are not different.

We are One. You are as much part of me, as I am You.

Upholding this in daily life is suprisingly easy - as is all, it is light and simple and easy if you let it.
But still as in 3D body it's not 100% of the time.
But we can try, we can uphold Unity and see it manifest.

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