Saturday, July 3, 2010


Day 8: July 3 - White World Bridger

Well this is quite a perfect pairing - the 8th house is naturally the death/rebirth house...mirroring WWB's energies.

"Surrender to the pattern of perfection. Listen to the part of you that is calling for death and transformation. Receive it's wisdom. You are being asked to release and surrender. Surrender is the opposite of giving up. It is freeing yourself from the desire to be in control, letting go of how you think things should be. Surrender is freedom. You are being invited to release yourself from the bondage of preconceived action, to let everything be all right as it is, so that you can live a more inspired life in the moment!"
(Tracey: Really great advice! Take it from a bit of a control freak... I have relaxed into my feminine nature a whole lot more now that I'm in Mexico.)

Niina: Check back later for my insights at the end of the day. (This is perfect for the first time visit (for 1 week) to our little home by my sister-in-law, who comes all the way from US)
"To let everything be all right as it is." 
I've spent months on this, and could not be more happy with the results. Things that normally might have gotten me flustered about things, get me little worried at first but after I reminded myself that all things are perfect right now, I let go and nothing close to worry or stress came near me. Everyone wants to be a good hostess, I'm sure and it's easy to think that comes with stress - it doesn't have to.
I was excited after I let go of the worries of are things clean enough or good enough. That is identifying yourself with things and that in long run is useless. In short sun too.
We get blind and customed to our things wether clothes or furniture or wallpaper pattern.
When others see them we get worried if they will approve, and if we think they won't then we get debressed. How silly is that?! Look at your wallpaper - wallpaper! - this is your source of sorrow? This is where you laugh at yourself for being silly and let it go. :D
ACIM truly has helped me to see the world through love and joy, it aplies wonderfully here as well. :)

Photograph by kh2rac


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