Thursday, July 1, 2010


Day 6: July 1 - Yellow Seed - Mars & Saturn in Virgo

Mars is in a harmonious position helping us with great analysing, detail-oriented ideas that can be made REAL. Virgo doesn't just like ideas for ideas sake - if you can't make them work in the real world in a useful way, the idea is useless! This is perfect - Mars is planting these practice and useful ideas in the fertile soil of Yellow Seed....from the sixth house of Service...

Saturn is, of course, in the challenging position...structures that are requiring change are being broken down so that something more authentic and long-lasting can be built upon good foundations instead of rotten ones!

Saturn's challenge could be seen as this:

"Are you a "sleeper" who wants to remain protected and seemingly invulnerable? Are you unconsciously limiting yourself by supporting the illusion of safety and security in the apparent protection of your shell? Be willing to break the constraining shells (Tracey: Uranus and Pluto are helping with this - Saturn sooooo likes the status quo - but no longer!) of self-concepts and life's structures. Be freed of old patterns and beliefs that once provided safety, and move forward into new possibilities. Beyond the confines of security and the routine patterns of daily life, (very Saturn in the 6th house!) unknown possibilities beckon."

"Look at how you may be limiting your natural growth. (or the natural growth of our civilization) Don't wait for what seem to be the perfect conditions to plant your seeds. Now is the season; cultivate your seeds. You are the receptive soil, your desire will naturally draw its own support. All your dreams and desires lie within you to be awakened. The answer is inside, not outside. Remember that seeds contain the complete hologram of the whole and that within the process of growth, answers and insights are always offered. Plant your intentions; they will quicken, guide, and manifest the mysteries in your depths. Follow your deepest feelings and dreams."

"Realize that you and your life are the fertile ground, that you awaken your own dreams and possibilities. Free yourself from the illusion of safety as you enter into the manifestation of emerging possibility."

Niina: I will take this day to think about this and report my ideas later. ;)
All right the day is over - I was planning on staying home today (silly of me to "plan" isn't it ;) ) but remembered around 9am that my mother had asked me to go help her shop. I wasn't willing to shop as I was on a budget. I meet her at opening hours and the first store we visit is "Earth Collection", they have a Sale, and I end up with two items. Realizing that if I need something, I am able to get it - realized thinking money restricts me is offensive to my being. And I am one who doesn't go over board, I am not a shopper, I have learned that I don't need material posessions, but I do seem to need a shirt so I can face the elements. ;) Sorry, steared bit off course here.
My point was after spending half a day with mom I told her that in the past few years I've noticed her getting angrier, much more than she was just five years ago. She didn't like me saying this even though this wasn't the first time. We had a short few minute discussion about it.
Afterwards, when I was back home I thought about how different we are, when we use to be so similar. Where my spirituality continued, her's plateud. We still share angels, channelling, Reiki, Energy flows and meditation but where I adapt this to everyday life, she keeps it locked in appropriate cabinets to be taken out when mood strikes. Perhaps she isn't more angry - perhaps I have mellowed out even more and hence noticed it.
One Tower down.
Perhaps I cannot no longer have that relationship with my mother - maybe it has changed, maybe I've changed and want something different, something not quite so gossiby, and judging. It was my path to grow.
Is it weird - silly question, isn't it? - that I cannot find my type of people outside world wide web?

"Don't wait for what seem to be the perfect conditions to plant your seeds." 
Well - mom and I talked, now I just have to wait and see if this seed grows.


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