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A Spiritual person - one aware of their blueprint of life, one attuned to the energies of the world within and out - can be thrown off by the smorgasbord of channelings and messages, schools of spirituality out there.
It's not always easy to detect the rotten one in bag full of cherries - I am amazed how many people still fall for, what could be called a benign false channelling.

What I mean by this is spiritual people who channel within the realm of their ego and emotions.

These people dab into things when they aren't quite prepared enough, reasons for ego meddling can be as simple and small as not protecting yourself, not asking for a filter of getting messages only through Beings of Light. Or to bigger problems of tainted emotions, that leak into the channeling.

Here are some identification for a benign false channellings/messages.

  • Text entitles aggression or anxiety - True messages are always only of Light, spiritual guides and beings are beyond negativity, bashing and guilt. Here is an example of channelling gone wrong: "You are too gullible and weak, fragile to realise what light there truly exist within you! Let go of your weakness and embrace the true light of your being!" I have bolded the warning sign words.
  • Text has a feeling of threat - True Light beings never try an scare you with the end of the world talk, they know there is no end, no time, no fear to begin with, so they will not try an intimidate you. Here is an example: "Your world is dying, things done have gone too far, light vanes in only but few of you. You did your best, but it was not enough. We leave you with this last statement, do what you still can before earth as we know evaporates to war." I have bolded the warning sign words.
  • Text flatters you personally - Light doesn't build one above the other, there is no separation between the states of the soul, no one is better than the other. Light beings all acknowledge that we are all equal. Example: "You alone can stand the altar of God and be atoned for the sins of mankind, there is a light in you not seen in others of your kind, you are the leader of this movement of light - it is your duty to rise above others and be the true master of light." I have bolded the warning sign words.

I have always had a very good radar for these - and I know many people who agree with me on these things. I was lucky enough to have a small talk with a experienced channeller when I was 17 who helped me indentify wrongs from right.

Basically be careful of all the things you can identify with you ego - fear, flattery, anxiety, threat and anger. These signs will tell you that the channeller was influenced and the text in its whole is not adaptable to your spirituality.

How to protect yourself and get a clean channelling / message?

  • Always begin with protecting your aura - envision a golden orb of light around you emanating from inside you. If you wish ask Archangel Michael to protect it (that is a sure way to stop any outside influence of ghost or disturbed spirits who haven't move on yet).
  • Ask that only Beings of Light maybe step forward - this eliminates the identities mentions above. If you are still unsure what being you feel you can ask it 'Are you a Being of Light?' They cannot lie to you, if they do not answer, dispose of them. Ask Archangel Michael to help if you need it.
  • Remain passive and calm - your emotions do not belong here, stay calm and listen and experience. Keep your own thoughts at ease, if your ideas and emotions are array then the channelling will be effect by you and your ego, hence qarbling the true message. It is good to have practiced mediation and quieting before channelling so you know how to relax and quiet when channelling.

Navigating the spiritual waters will be easier with these simple tools.

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