Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Day 11: July 6 - Red Moon - Neptune

Neptune is part of the harmonious blue rectangle of energy available right now. That's nice! It's as though all we really need to do is to plug into our higher divine selves we will be guided in each of our unique ways that is best for each of us...This is really backed up by the fact that Red Moon is presiding...

"Take off the veil of forgetfulness. Become the beacon of awakened awareness. As you open to self-remembrance, you will freely receive divine guidance. Be with others who support your fullest expression."

"Child of the stars, you are a Godseed. You are being offered gifts for the remembrance of your magnificence. Who are you? Why did you come here? What are you starseeded to do? Look around you. Notice what strongly attracts or repels you. Look at your inherent strengths and talents. Remember your childhood dreams, your favourite colours, your heroes and heroines."

"Remembrance is having direct access to your expanded presence, your Essence Self. Remembrance is the recognition of your connection to the larger pattern of divinity. Receive the awakened awareness of self-remembrance."

"Red Moon asks you to be "on the alert" for signs and symbols of guidance. These signs or sensings can give you direct answers to your present concerns. Be aware that you are a receiving and transmitting station for cosmic communication. The vision of your third eye is being awakened and expanded. Bathe in the waters of remembrance. Be the beacon. Bring your full awareness and awakened attention to the here and now. You are a cosmic seed, ready to enter the gate of awakened consciousness."

(Tracey: wow, that is soooooo very Neptune guiding us! Time to reeeeally plug in!) Since this is Day 11, that asks us to strip away something - it's good to note that, during this time, one of our biggest challenges may be simply that we keep FORGETTING that we are divine creatures and that we wanted to be here at the time to experience this and to help...

Niina: Will fill this out later today. :)
Transmitting station for cosmic communication - rememberance...
This goes very well with today, I spend the whole day surrounded with history, first in an old castle island, walking around telling nit bits about it's history and Finland's history, second the whole afternoon in Finnish National History Museum. So - if today is remembrance and cosmic communication it verifyes my idea that in past reincarnations I have had roles in Finland as well. But it's not that I value.
It's the simplicity of life before, the current trend of eating disorders, shops after shops, plastic cups and dishes graze where you have to buy new ones twice a year. What is wrong with wanting to just Be and not take part in the shopping masshysteria with a side of body dislusion?
Both are extremes points away from each other, none and all, but finding are road leading to spirituality from the right altitude is what I want.
Best thing about it is that I can already have it - deciding I will ignore the errors of the money drenched sociaty and focus myself in love and happiness does it on it's own.


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