Sunday, July 18, 2010


Passing this on - these are free with donations accepted.

Quote: At Last my life changing Mp3 Guided Meditation and Visualization down loads are FREE! As a Life Coach I want to provide you with every tool possible so you can have the best life ever!

I always knew the answer to helping people start on this amazing journey of meditation and visualization, was through guided meditation. I found that many people have a problem meditating and visualizing on their own.

I have been using these techniques for eighteen years and I know how powerful they are! I started by experimenting with many different types of guided meditation tapes, some had breathing exercises, others had guided imagery some had music and sounds.

I took the best of everything and designed my own Mp3’s that includes everything that works for me all wrapped up into one!

Scroll down the page there are Seven so far, more coming up.

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