Monday, February 3, 2014


I love symbols and symbolism. I recently started the Fast Diet 5:2, mainly to help my body and my Back, with the added benefits of weight loss (back related) - what I didn't expect was that after 36 hour Mini Fast (of 500 calories) I had a Spiritual Re-Awakening. The door that had been closed reopened, the pathways that had dusted over were cleaned, and I found myself listening to the teachings of Ekhart Tolle and Sonia Choquette at 5:00 am. It was literally the first thing I did after waking up from my Fast Day.

The connection couldn't have been clearer! Get up, dust yourself off and reconnect with your spirit guides!

So I did. Suddenly everything is clear, and in this new clarity what had bogged me down for so long seems like destiny to a new chosen path. This is what I love about spirituality, there is so much joy and meaning and clarity - and I ask myself why on earth did I take a year off?

I had so many crisis the past year and a half that it's impossible to understand just what happened - but I do now, I understand why it happened, and what will come of it, and again my faith in the divine plan is restored! I know why my body failed me, and I understand that I asked for this major change, but when I got to steps one and two I panicked and lost my way and this divine path got much harder than it should have been had I hold on to my spirituality.

So yesterday morning after my Fast Day I sat on the sofa, blissfully happy, just basking in the affirmation of life. Understanding that this is how my life will change, that this was the change I had asked for years before - all my dreams had pointed to this fundamental change. Fast forward to minutes till midnight...

My husband and I were startled awake by a sound of something breaking. We went to investigate, well he went ahead as I'm a scary-cat and we found the foyer mirror had crashed down from the wall. I immediately recognized the spiritual significance but as sleepy as I was I left the interpretation for the morning. Well after I asked Archangel Michael to protects us for the night left over.

In the morning the meaning came to me clear as day, the mirror had been shattered, broken, the old world I had lived on had finished and what would be more a profound symbol to look inside yourself in a whole new way than the old way being broken.

So, point taken. ;) I welcome this new breeze running through my life, I'm ready, what can I do next?


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