Sunday, August 1, 2010



August 1, Lughnasadh, is the time of the first harvest, when the plants of spring wither and drop their fruits or seeds for our use as well as to ensure future crops. Mystically, so too does the God lose His strength as the Sun rises farther in the South each day and the nights grow longer. The Goddess watches in sorrow and joy as She realizes that the God is dying, and yet lives on inside Her as Her child. Lughnasadh, also known as August Eve, Feast of Bread, Harvest Home and Lamma, wasn?t necessarily observed on this day. It originally coincided with the first reaping. As summer passes, Wiccans remember its warmth and bounty in the food we eat. Every meal is an act of attunement with nature, and we are reminded that nothing in the universe is constant.

All grains, Grapes, Heather, Blackberries, Sunflowers
Sandalwood, Rose, Aloes
Yellow, Orange, Green, Brown
Corn Dollies, Any Wheat Weaving Crafts, Shafts of Grain
Breads, Cider, Blackberry Pies and Jellies, Rice, Meadowsweet Tea, Berries


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