Friday, February 18, 2011


Accelerating times, I'm sure we have all heard that in one form or another, either spiritually or plainly put as not having enough hours in a day. But as this blog is about Spirituality in everyday life I'll focus on the first.

I was reminded of this again at the I Am Fair, when Michelle Karén spoke of it in her lecture, she used the Instant Karma point, much like instant coffee all you have to do is stir a little and you got a whole new brew. It's like that with Karma as well now, you stir up your life and like magic it changes in record time, you cannot hide behind delays and time anymore. One action doesn't have a long reroute system anymore but direct connection. I noticed it best last year in the beginning, I said something derogative and whole hell broke loose within three weeks - well it taught me as well as old fashion thrashing - I'm not doing that again. And I haven't, I have no desire to cause karma, especially now on this accelerating time before 2012.

It seems to have been pointed out a lot that times are accelerating as we get closer to 2012, Instant Karma is one of them. The other perhaps bit gentler is Instant Gratification.

Perhaps an example of this would explain it better.
I booked a dentist check up on Wednesday, later realizing it left me about ten minutes to get to work to a Spring Party for the kids, so deciding I needed to change it I thought of calling them, never got around to it that day, so next morning they rang telling me they were closed on Wednesday and would I like Thursday instead. :) I did of course.
Another was mix up about dinner, I had told my hubby that he should have the soup for dinner on Wednesday as I was working till eight pm. Well coming home on Tuesday I suddenly though on the road, oh crap I have to fry his dinner as he doesn't like it micro waved I don't wanna do that, but submissing myself to do it anyway with a sigh, so I get in and smell soup. He got days mixed and had made the soup, sparing me the frying.
Latest was of different kind, I was home heading for a evening meeting to work, and just before heading out I pouted saying I don't want to go about six times, the day was too cold to peek my nose out again. Well I get to the bus stop, first bus doesn't come at all, and I stand there freezing my butt off, next one drives by with the driver hand signalling me, no not the finger, he did a 'T' for Täynnä (Full). So I stomp to the metro, cursing under my frozen breath, get to work do the meeting and on my way home realize, wait I "asked for this". Then there is "the a-ha" again.
No these happen so often now that I cannot recall more because they are my daily routine.

You got to be careful what you wish for, there is no time interfering here because the Universe always knows what you want, like easily removable wallpaper during renovations or one four day week. That one was funny, btw, I was getting off the bus at going to work and though how four week workdays would be better for general effectiveness at work, and hour later I am offered that Friday off. :)

It's harder to spot these in relationships as they tend to be sneakier to indentify as something you created because we have learned it's always the other that's wrong or causing trouble right, not me. ;) This is something I want to focus on now in identifying.

World is full of miracles! See them, enjoy them, thank for them and be careful what you wish for on these accelerated times!

Love, Light and Joy!


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