Thursday, February 17, 2011


My phone peeped to life this morning, reminding me of something.
I've run this blog for 4 years now!
Four years of blogging about Spirituality in my Everyday Life, looking back, man all the typos! ;D LOL! Well I have gotten much better in expressing myself and my english has greatly improved during these four year living with my husband who's a great teacher by being an example of american dialect.

My first blog entry = Youth of the Planet which I transported from my early neglected blog at bravesomethingnet. I was 21 when I wrote it in 2004. 17th of February 2007.

This blog has seen it all! My change of jobs, my work related burn out, my inner struckle to win over moral condauct and rules related to living.

Be Happy which is where I stopped watching the news and the immercing myself in chaos and gossib on tv and internet.
Between Two - Deciding wither to stay at my old job or not.
Resigned - Trusting my angels and guides I simply quit and got a job immediately.

With 417 Entries, kind of equals 100 entries per year, but there was year two that wasn't very active, so it's probably been closer to 300 entries last year 2010.

This blog as witnessed the most important change in my whole life in April 2010.
The Now - Realizing life is only in the now. April 10th 2010.
Peace by Forgiveness - delving more into the peaceful life.

This blog has been an amazing way to seeing myself in a whole new light! Seeing where I come from Kings of Finland, and where my finnish spirituality is taking me, Kalevala Studies.

Happy Birthday BLOG! You're 4 years old!

Love, Light and Joy!


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