Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Dr. Madalyn Kennedy

I am Amun-Ra. We love Egypt as much as you do. It is all of our homeland, so to speak, for most of us in our realm who wished to be part of planet Earths development. It is also the ancient homeland of many of who are in human form at this particular period. We are helping to restore the balance that the planet must have in order to raise itself into its higher dimension that it is preparing to do. All will be settled soon and as we have said in past Discourses, soon to us can be 20 minutes or 200 years, but soon, very soon. Please, please relax about all of this.
Your job is to send love, healing, and blessed energy to the planet and to that area of unrest at this time. Your job is also to remember to call to us for assistance and to strengthen and magnify the positive energies and vibration you send out in a concentrated focused effort to help ease all involved in this situation. Remember, do not allow yourself to think any negative thoughts, any limiting, and blocking thoughts or allow any disturbing energies of overwhelming sadness overtake you. Call to us through your free will and allow us to hold your hand to ease away any thoughts that are not of the highest good for all. Energy and vibrations through thoughts, single and especially combined thoughts, are projected into the cosmic and become manifested matter. These thoughts, depending upon your thought ideals, will either help to heal the earth or be reflected back poorly upon you, the thought sender.
We are all loving and have unconditional love for all upon this planet and in the many galaxies we are working with. Every being upon the earth plane at this period is already a master of creation so the thoughts are extremely important. We cannot stress this enough. For many, the veil is drawn so tightly that they are unaware of their master abilities and status but for many others they understand their powers and can instantly heal and manifest health,, wealth, and blessings even upon areas such as the upheaval that is going on in Egypt now. Combine your efforts,, combine your strengths, combine your thoughts and only, only think loving, healing, easing, blessing and graceful thoughts when you hear of anything about this unrest. You have the power, even from all the way across the planet to help to ease any situation that you set your mind to. We are depending on you. This is part of what your job is. Part of what we have been telling you all along in past Discourses and meditations. You are light workers. Only send light, love energy to the land and to others. We know you understand the importance of this message through the guidance and acceptance of your higher self. We love you and we will be with you to intensify your blessed, protected, vibrations and energies as you send healing to the planet.

Author Madalyn Kennedy Channeled from Amun-Ra Jan 30, 2011
All rights reserved. You may share this information if it not for monetary gain, nothing is changed and is copied to this end point.


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